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When many people begin blogging, they often think about the design of the blog. This normally only applies to those design elements that are first to consider such as color, fonts and imagery. however, what many people do not consider is the overall usability of the site design.

A major factor when considering how to begin blogging should be how your readers will interact with your blog. Too many blogs simply try to fill up as much space as possible. This is often confusing and disruptive to the overall flow that a reader must follow.

Simpler is sometimes better.

While Google has been the master of simplistic design now for years, some might consider this approach to be too simplistic for the average website. I tend to agree. Google is great because you understand that their is one main purpose, in Google’s case searching is foremost. They want you to search. They keep things to a minimum.

Making your website layout to be more user interactive has a fine balancing act between use and making the layout too cluttered. People want to put information on their site such as new posts, recent updates, recent comments, and just about everything else.

But you must fight the urge to put too many distractions. In order to really do this, you should consider taking a few minutes to put down on paper the ideas you have for your blog layout. The nice thing about blogs is that these are often done as widgets and are pretty flexible when it comes to moving them around.

This does not have to take hours of thought, just spending a few minutes to draw out some ideas and see how they look. Make sure to cover the basics of sections your readers may find useful. Remember a blog is only partly about you. Sure you are writing it, but you are hopefully writing it with your reader’s in mind.

Take some time to look at other blogs that you read and see which features that you find useful. Are those blogs too cluttered? Are they easy to read? How is the navigation setup?

It should only take you a few minutes to do a quick sketch on paper but it is time well spent. Making your blog more efficient will help both you and your readers. Your readers get a blog that is more interactive while also being more efficient. They will appreciate the ease of use while also being able to check out your quality content in a timely manner.

You gain because the more efficient your blog runs means your readers will keep coming back. More return readers will also mean more social sharing opportunities. In addition Google has stated that speed of website loading will impact page rankings. This means the faster your pages can load the better chances of having a great ranking within Google. Combined with additional traffic from more people visiting means continued readership growth.

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On 19.08.13, In Tutorials, by Matthew Woodward
This is the story of how this blog became a Technorati Top 100 Business Blog in just 1 year. I even took a month off!
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I have managed to achieve quite a lot with the blog in the last year-
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